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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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y following several violent incidents in oakland the past week. one involved two officers getting shot. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live in oakland with the police department's strategy to put an end to all the violence. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, frank. that little girl is still recovering at the hospital. meanwhile, the police chief along with the mayor and other community leaders met today with a stern warning for the people behind this latest string of violence. they are coming for you, and they will catch you. >> everything turned upside- down looks like. i don't know what's going on. people are going crazy. >> reporter: robert martinez has lived in his east oakland house on 65th avenue for 42 years. he says just recently, his neighborhood has started to feel like a war zone. he hears gunshots every day and innocent people like himself are becoming victims. last friday morning his home was hit with bullets. only a few houses down yesterday an 8-year-old girl
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was shot around 2:30 p.m. police say this was a drive-by shooting outside a family member's home. she was hit in the leg and taken to the hospital. >> it's terrible. it is very terrible for having a little child shot like that over nothing. they don't care who they hurt. >> reporter: today nobody at the house would talk to us. there was a car in the driveway with the back windows blown out. police are linking much of the latest gun violence to rival gangs. even officers have been targeted. one was shot in the leg friday while chasing a man at east 12th and fourth avenue. an undercover officer was also shot and injured on the 21st sitting in a car on seminary avenue. the police chief addressed the shootings at a press conference today. >> i and my officers are committed to the children and this community and our neighborhoods. we will catch the shooter and we are coming after you. >> reporter: but martinez feels they're on their own. what would you like to see police do? >> well -- >> are they doing enough?
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>> nothing. they are not doing anything. >> reporter: police say they really need help from the public trying to find out who shot the 8-year-old. they did make arrests in those shootings of the police officers. they do have suspects in custody. live in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. checking some other bay area headlines now, serious hazing allegations at an east bay high school. according to the vallejo times- herald police are investigating sexual hazing at the st. patrick's-saint vincent high school. five students have been expelled accused of assaulting and hazing freshmen football players in the locker room. the school's varsity football coach was fired friday after reporting the incident to school officials. firefighters saved a chihauhau from a house fire in hayward in the 1300 block of russell way just after 8:00 this morning. a passerby reported smoke coming out of the attic. you see there nobody was home. damages are 150 thousand
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dollars. in santa cruz two people and their dog escaped from a flooded suv after they drove into the ocean. it happened monday morning. a teenager mistake a gas for a brake and drove his dad's 4 ru -- the 4 runner off the pier. they all swam to safety. president obama is in las vegas drumming up support for immigration reform after a group of senators from bows side of the aisle announced they proposed to allow illegal immigrants to stay here in the united states. bp's guilty plea is approved by a federal judge. the company will pay $4 billion in penalties for the 2010 oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. bp pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges and to perjury for lying to congress about the size of the broken well. the company is also paying out nearly $8 billion to settle
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private lawsuits from gulf coast residents and area businesses. a couple of minor earthquakes shook northern california it morning. the biggest, 3.0 at 8:45 a.m. followed by a 2.9 a few seconds later. the earthquake's epicenter is near cobb in the boggs mountain state forest north of sonoma. the area has seen five earthquakes in the last 7 days. state lawmakers want to give you more notice when an earthquake is about to happen. >> earthquake, earthquake, earthquake! [ beep beep ] >> that's what would you hear on your cell phone, computer or perhaps your television if a proposed early warning system is put into place. it would give you as much as 60 seconds warning to take cover. state senator alex padilla is behind the effort. >> it's going to be a challenge. if it was his, it would have been done already. but that's where our job is to educate my colleagues and educate the public on the value and the benefit of the system.
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when you put the $80 million figure side by side with the billions upon billions of damage that we suffer after every big earthquake, i think the investment is a no-brainer. >> padilla's proposal follows a recent study showing an earthquake strong enough to involve both the greater l.a. and san francisco bay area might be possible. a stock has been nosediving lately but apple is still selling product, a new ipad with 128 gigabytes memory twice as much as the current device. to make up for that added storage space, the price is going up. the wi-fi model now costs about $800. the new ipad will be available sometime next week. how about some football now? thousands of reporters have swarmed the superdome today. everyone's favorite, it's media day on tuesday super bowl week along with the scribes, radios and tv folks a cast of colorful characters, super fans who get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to
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meet the players before the big game. nice boots there. it's a wild scene inside the superdome but the 9ers players say they don't care. >> 49ers an organization going tore long played overseas london, japan, tokyo, and now to look up in the stands to see people who want to see us do media day, the league is getting bigger to the point it will take over the globe. >> friends at home say let the people enjoy you a little bit. so if that's what it is, i'll let them enjoy me. >> it's the one time you can ask them anything and it's usually nothing to do with the game of football. colin kaepernick popular as you might imagine got asked about the last time he asked a girl out on a date while randy moss was asked if he was excited about beyonce performing at halftime. he said he's not into that type of music. not on his ipod apparently. a serious warning going out to super bowl fans headed to new orleans. if a deal seems too good to be
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true, it probably is. this morning a hayward couple is out $6,000 after falling victim to a ticket scam. they are also capitalizing on tourists in the big easy. con artists posting rentals using fake addresses or homes not for rent. victims will pay the fees:front and by the time they get to where they think they are staying, it's just too late. >> she was here for my b and b rental and she didn't believe me when i told her i didn't have a b & b and she protested and then she said, and i'll show you, here, i have the paperwork. >> experts say the super bowl is the perfect place for scammers because there is so much demand for everything. still ahead, computers predict a 9er win in new orleans this sunday. and you are going to meet the bay area super fan that's heading to a sixth 9er super bowl. >> we are going inside a big easy burial ground where some
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say it's creative, others say it's creepy. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. lots of sunshine a few high clouds outside right now. but much warmer days to come. we'll talk about that coming up.
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taste of the big easy.. it's a city that throws big parties.. with mardi gras every year 10th time, t if you are stuck in the bay area in san francisco for the super bowl. this year for the tenth time the super bowl, 2012 new orleans was voted the best city
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to visit in america by "travel & leisure" magazine readers. the crescent city ranked number one overall and number one in 13 other categories including offbeat people, i think michelle met a few of those; people proud of their city, wild weekends, street performers, and one of the best places for people watching too. big easy buries its dead differently than the rest of the country too. but graveyards aren't just a place for grieving. michelle griego takes us inside st. louis cemetery number one in the heart of new orleans. ♪ [ music ]♪ [ man singing ] new orleans is one of the few places in the united states that has above ground burial. there is a rumor voodoo queen buried in the cemetery marie laveau. people come here from across the world to see her tomb.
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this is the second most popular graveyard destination. after graceland, it's one of those things that makes new orleans unique. >> it's more than a cemetery that draws me here. [ man singing ] >> i have been sitting here probably for about an hour just sketching and you start to notice things. this is where people's family members are buried. [ man singing ] >> is it peaceful? is it a place that people want to come and spend time or is it kind of spooky? i think it's a little bit spooky, not a place i would want to come after sundown. but that's kind of what's special about it. [ man sings ] >> we have a very unique relationship with the dead. not crazy. it's actually very peaceful so i would invite them to come visit and experience it for themselves. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> interesting i think i'll stick with the football though. super bowl xlvii will only be played once of course on sunday but with five days before the big kickoff, still time to run some numbers so let's do a
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little bit of that. prediction, looks at the computer models to predict the outcome of sporting events. they ran the matchup 50,000 times and the 49ers won nearly 67% of the time. they scored on average 7 points more than baltimore. the prediction machine has picked the winner in 7 of the last 9 super bowls. so some good karma right there. a bay area man has been supporting the 49ers since their first super bowl back in 1982 and yes, he is going to be at number 6 this sunday and as cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us, this year, a super bowl bonus. his tickets are on the house. >> i have been going around for years now saying, you know, when people talk about super bowls, i say i have been to all five 49er super bowls and they say what?! >> reporter: kerry white is the definition of a 49ers faithful and the fan all other fans want to be. >> the saying thick and thin? with the 49ers, it was thin and then thick.
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: at 73 years old, don't let his age fool you. there's still a boy-liken use that a that relives his favorite 9ers memory. >> lawrence knocks the ball out of danny white's hands. and jim stuckey recovered the ball. there was like 40 seconds left. i put my head down and i got the chills and i started crying. you know, i just said, god, it's finally over, you know? we're going to go to the super bowl. and i'm going. >> reporter: and he went to the first all the way to the fifth. now he is bound for new orleans joining the team on the quest for six. how he got these tickets? well, it started with this gold jacket and a "san francisco chronicle" article on him that caught one particular 49ers' attention. >> i didn't know that jed york was doing -- he had two tickets and he was doing a contest on twitter. i said i have a twitter account but i've never been on it. >> reporter: after the article,
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dozens of fans crusaded for kerry. mr. york's ears perked up and terry got this email. >> i want to give someone a chance to go to the game to embody what it means to be a faithful fan. >> reporter: faithful? terry agrees. as for being the so-called 9ers' good luck charm, terry says that's quite the pressure. >> the pressure is really on, i know. i hope not too many people around me know who i am. >> reporter: but one he is willing to take on and keeping a positive attitude, and he is hoping with a possible sixth win that could be a 7th bowl for him to complete his lucky ex- >> go, 9ers! have you ever been to a super bowl? >> never have but i'd love to go. i'm sure he is packing now to get out. >> off to new orleans. price is right, too. >> free ride. >> absolutely. hey, tell you what, should be a good time there and great weather here the next couple of days as high pressure is sitting overhead and now the temperatures are starting to warm up. still a transitional day outside. you have a few high clouds overhead but as we head throughout the afternoon, i think we're looking at lots of
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sunshine at the coast and then tonight mostly clear, temperatures going to be just about the same overnight. we'll still see 30s and 40s and then a warming trend in effect. out over the bay we're looking good right now. the numbers just beginning to heat up. 54 degrees in san francisco, 52 in san jose. and 58 degrees now in santa rosa. huge dome of high pressure now off the coastline. this is all going to be sliding eastward and kicking that low out of the way. that means high pressure is going to nestle in over the next few days and we are going to be in the sweet spot toward the middle of this week. near seasonal temperatures for today maybe a couple of degrees above the average but toward the next few days moving well above the average in the afternoon hours, 60s in toward san jose. 59 mountain view. 54 breezy cool in pacifica. 50s and low 60s in toward the east bay. and as you make your way inside the bay today we'll find some sunshine and couple of high clouds and the temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. overnight lows, not going to be as chilly. no freezing temperatures overnight tonight. some 30s and some 40s outside under mostly clear skies.
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then as we look out over the next couple of days, we are expecting the temperatures to remain in -- well, looks like the mid-60s in through about the middle of the week. then towards saturday and sunday, some partly cloudy skies and some cooler weather as we head in towards saturday and sunday. that's a look at weather. back to you. in healthwatch, when it comes to breast cancer treatment, less may be more. a new study finds lumpectomies with radiation may actually be a better option than mastectomies if the cancer is caught early enough. a growing number of early stage patients are choosing to have one or both breasts removed but researchers found those women actually had a higher risk of death from conditions like heart disease and so factors like tumor size and family history should be considered in choosing a treatment. still ahead, from chicken wings to chips and dips, some super bowl snacks that will really cost you. calories, that is. we're going to take a look at just how much exercise you're going to need to do if you go feasting on your super sunday coming up.
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the super bowl isn't just about the game. it's all about the food, too. and if you are a super snacker, i have some sobering numbers to share with you. according to, 8 ounces of cheeto's jumbo puffs has almost 1300 calories. you would have to play an hour
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of pro football to get rid of that. six buffalo wild wings dipped in ranch dressing packs almost 1,000 calories. you would have to do the wave 6500 times to get rid of that. three pepsis have 450 calories. you would have to spend 57 minutes dancing to beyonce during the halftime show to say good-bye to all those calories. or you could go the fruit and veggie way. nice and healthy. for this week's best buys, here's tony tantillo. that's right, it's time for this week's best buys, where we eat fresh, stay healthy and save money. these peaches from chile we talked about a month ago and now they are bigger in size and more sugar coming into them. 2.50 a pound not a bad deal. out of california some beautiful broccoli coming into the market right now. last year at this time, it was very expensive. but this year, because of the weather and the growing conditions, there's plenty out there to choose from and the quality is great and prices are
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coming down about $1.49 a bunch. that's also a pretty good value. and imported blueberries are coming in. and for a large kind of blueberries for this price in the wintertime, you really can't beat it. when you buy them, make sure they're dark all the way around, very, very important. you can find them for about 2.49 per pint. that's also a great value. you can eat fresh and stay healthy and save some money. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. ciao.
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on super bowl sunday. at five... doctor kim has the ingredients for a lean, healthy, and still y party menu. well, you don't have to wreck your diet on super bowl sunday. coming up today at 5:00, dr. kim has the ingredients for aileen healthy and still very tasty party menu. that's coming up at 5:00. we have live coverage from new orleans all week long. tonight, michelle griego, dennis o'donnell, vern glenn and mike sugerman on the ground in the big easy. you can watch the 49ers play the baltimore ravens play super bowl xlvii at 3:30 on sunday here on cbs 5. nashville bubble wrap appreciation day yesterday at the sealed air corporation headquarters in new jersey. they attempted to set a world record. the most people popping bubble wrap at a time.
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it is addictive. you get some of that from boxes. >> they set the world record? >> impressive. >> enjoy you day.
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between you and bill? i know you denied it, but... look, i couldn't sleep at all last night. i just have this really bad feeling, so will you -- will you please tell me the truth? >> justin: they'll be flying in from shanghai tomorrow. their reps want to meet with us before they finalize the proposal. i was thinking that maybe we could... bill, hello? hello? >> bill: yeah? uh...they're flying in when? >> justin: okay. what's on your mind? 'cause it isn't the meeting that we're having with the chinese. >> rick: you know, honestly, thomas, they're good. they're very good. it's not what i asked for. >> thomas: rick, i'm just trying to make a contribution here. why do you seem so determined to prevent that? >> rick: all right, you need to ease up on the attitude. you want to talk about this, we can talk. i know that you're still upset that i'm the guy that's in charge. >> thomas: look, i'm supposed to have a voice here, too, rick. but you have no intention on


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